We're proud to have been featured on BBC Countryfile on more than one occasion with Adam Henson, owner of Cotswold Farm Park and one of our meat suppliers. Watch Robert and Lambournes on BBC Countryfile:

Customer testimonials

"Many thanks for your excellent service and quality meat and products - it's good to know when away from home we still can eat great meat. Trevor is tuned into quality meats, our butcher at home farms Long Horns - so second best won't do, even in a caravan - thank goodness we found your shop in Stow!"
Carol & Trevor and Chester, their 2 year old black lab

"It was great to visit your butcher shop two weeks ago on my most recent trip to Stow-on-the-Wold... When my cousins, Joycelyn, Donna and Daisy and I stayed in Stow a year ago last May, we prepared many wonderful meals in our cottage kitchen thanks to your guidance and selection of prime cuts of beef and pork and fresh poultry. We were and are still very appreciative of your friendliness and do remember your gift to us of a tasty jar of apple cider sauce to complement our pork loin roast."
Mrs Steven A Grant, North Bethesda, Maryland, United States

"Dear Bob & Karen, Thank you very much for your kind wedding present. You can never have enough meat!"
Ed & Dominique, Stow-on-the-Wold

Press cuttings

Featured in the Gloucestershire Echo in 2008: "Butcher beefs up for meaty success" by Caroline Fisher
A butcher's in the Cotswolds is determined to beef up trade. Lambournes at Stow-on-the-Wold hopes its bid to buy the Champion Beast at Stratford-upon-Avon Livestock Market will be a winner with its customers. The small family business shelled out for the Belgian Blue Cross and will sell prime cuts from the 480kg of top quality beef, hanging since December 1, from Christmas Eve to New Year.

Butcher Robert Preston, who has run the century-old traditional Digbeth Street shop for three years, said: "Business generally is so quiet, people are being miserable and worrying about the credit crunch so we thought 'What can we cheer them up with?' The beef's to treat our customers because we've paid a lot for it - as he's the best. It's a really nice, quite chunky, meaty cow which we're traditionally hanging for three to four weeks to intensify its flavour and tenderness. In the supermarkets meat is cut, packed and delivered in a few days. We'll be selling ribs, sirloin and rump and Peter Robinson, of the Old Butchers, will also serve up the best over Christmas and New Year."

The butcher's also hopes to give the recession the chop in other ways. Robert said: "We had a really quiet September and I'd taken on an extra lad to train up. "So now we're opening on Mondays and opening every day until 5.30pm. We're closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but will open on Saturday and Sunday because this town gets lots of visitors over the festive period. You need to grab all the trade you can and there's nothing worse than people coming to a tourist town to find nothing's open. Fifty per cent of our trade is tourist trade. Lots of people don't have butcher's shops any more, let alone a traditional one and they even take photos. All the hotels seem to be booked up and we've had a lot of orders from holiday cottages."

An excerpt from Adam's Farm, My Life on the Land by Adam Henson of BBC Countryfile:
A few days later, I come into the office to find Mike on the phone to Lambournes Butchers in Stow-on-the-Wold. There has been a butcher on the site in the middle of town for as long as I can remember, but in 2005 it was taken over by Bob Preston and his wife Karen. Bob's been butchering for 30 years now. He started young, picking up a job at Oxford's covered market when he was just 13 years old. Over the years, he worked as a freelance butcher, providing holiday cover in various shops across Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, picking up tips and tricks of the trade along the way. What he doesn't know about sausages isn't worth knowing. It's always a treat seeing what bangers he has on offer as he changes his selection regularly, coming up with all kinds of weird and wonderful concoctions. When Wimbledon is on, his pork and strawberry sausages go down a treat, while during the last Cheltenham Races he dug out an old Irish recipe that used Guinness, black pudding, loads of herbs and - and this is where it got interesting - Gloucester Old Spot pig.

An excerpt from Simply Heaven by Serena Mackesy:

'I was buying a pork pie,' I tell her, 'at Lambourne's in Stow. That was why I was up there in the first place. I thought maybe I could keep it up here and eat it in secret.'

Nessa laughs. 'Well, there you go. You're way off mad yet, girl. Those pies are ripsnorters. They're the dog's b******s.'

'I thought they were meant to be pork.'

She laughs again, claps me about the shoulder.

"The organisers of Windrush Valley Flower and Produce Show would like to thank you for your generous support. We would not be able to run this annual event without your help and would lose a much-loved part of the Cotswold community spirit." Zoe Davies, Windrush Valley Flower and Produce Show

From The Kings Arms newsletter: "Following the Royal Ascot Race Meeting in June and our Tipping Competition I can announce that our good friend Robert "King (or maybe Queen) Bob" Preston of Lambournes Butchers finished last and as punishment was required to wash up in our kitchens. He completed the challenge in good spirits!"

Gold Award Winner

Come and taste our gold and silver award winning sausages, as judged by Phil Vickery OBE.

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